#BTSM You Are So Worth It♥ Stay Strong♥

You Are So Worth It!

You Are So Worth It!


♥Once you choose Hope♥ anything’s possible♥ #BTSM #BrainTumorThursday Worldwide 24/7 @HYHUTriangle @KickBrainTumors


#‎BTSM‬ ‪#‎BrainTumorThursday‬ WorldWide♥24/7 @HYHUTriangle @KickBrainTumors
We hope that everyday will be better
than the day before♥
Our lord gives us hope♥ not for just
one day,but for everyday♥
Some days are better than the others,
but we have hope that tomorrow will be the best one♥
With our lord by our side, we
can go on and have hope♥

Blogging there is no wrong or right!

New blog just winging it so to speak. I look at it as a journal or maybe news……hope you enjoy….just me being me:)

What Cancer Cannot Do! #BTSM

What Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer is so limited…

It cannot cripple love♥

It cannot shatter hope♥

It cannot corrode faith♥

It cannot destroy peace♥

It cannot kill friendship♥

It cannot suppress memories♥

It cannot silence courage♥

It cannot invade the soul♥

It cannot steal eternal life♥

It cannot conquer the spirit♥

~Author Unknown

Be thankful for unknown blessings coming your way!

Good News! Brain Tumor is Stable……♥ Hearing the word Stable is a Victory in the #BTSM community! Scan after scan we have Hope♥Life

Triumph! Never Give Up♥ 5K

Triumph! Never Give Up♥ 5K

Angels Among Us♥ Duke Cancer Center♥
There Is Hope……….The Preston Robert Tish Brain Tumor Center at Duke